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Текст и перевод песни Nicki Minaj - Freedom

[Verse 1:]
They'll never thank me for opening doors
But they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross,
‘Cause ya spirit is ungrateful, bitches is so hateful.
I remain a staple,
My career's been the pinkprint,
When I retire, tell 'em think pink.
Pink Friday is the imprint,
And these bitches basic, instinct.
Oh shit! My commercial's on.
Did I really body bitches with commercial songs?
Did I really prophecy every thing I do?
But before I continue let me thank my crew,
So that was Young Wayne, Mack Maine,
Baby & Slim came,
Tez & E.I. told me, it wouldn't be in vain.
‘Cause prior to me signing,
I could've went insane,
And even now I think do I really want this fame?
Let me get up and go, 700 to go
Overseas for a show,
Everybody get quiet when I'm starting the show,
Man, I'm birthing these artists,
And I'm starting to show.

[Hook: x2]
I feel free!
I feel freedom!
Why they mad?
You should see them,
Burnin' up.
‘Cause it's crazy in here.
Crazy in here.
Crazy in here.

[Verse 2:]
Who I wanna work with? Nobody.
99% of dem is nobody.
Bitches acting like they killing shit, OK,
When I check these bitches guns, no bodies.
These niggas is fake fucks and opportunists,
Niggas spend they last dime to say the copped the soonest,
Why these niggas going broke to get ya approval?
Pretty soon, they'll be back up on dem Ramen Noodles.
B-B-B-B-bible! Queen is the title,
And if you are my rival, then that means you're suicidal,
And if you in the club, then it's a Young Money recital,
I'm just that vital.
I'm busy, never idle,
I'm ya idol, I'm ya idol, I'm ya mothafuckin' idol!
Pink Friday in Macy's,
Thongs and some pasties,
Yo, what other female rapper perfume in there? ‘Cause I must've missed it.
Twelve milli to kick me feet up,
Get ready this is the Re-up!

[Hook: x2]

Mirror, mirror, won't you realize?
I just have to decide,
What you hiding from?
What you hiding from?
Hiding, baby. [x2]

Would you, would you
Give ya,
Would you, would you
Give ya,
Would you, would you
Give ya all for you? [x2]

[Hook: x2]

Категория: N | Добавлено: 20.11.2012
Просмотров: 1901 | Теги: Nicki Minaj | Рейтинг: 5.0/1

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