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Текст песни Snoop Dogg Feat. Jay-Z - I Wanna Rock

[Snoop Dogg]
G-Mix for Kings only
(H.O, Hova)
They say you can’t spell the West without the ES.

Hold up,
I wanna rock right now
My name is Hov and I came to shake the town
yeah your boys internationally known
but I’m from the hood got a pocket full of stones
I used to cop broad bait turn it into easy rock
just to stay Dougie fresh
all the sh-ts the easy rock
used to chef raekwon,
give fiends to ghost face,
ya’ll know my forte
I just might catch a dope case,
(?) so I’m heavy in the D
the boy still snoop around since a pup I been Kurrupt
and I f-ck with the Dogg Pound
Uhhh, Roc Nation is the game now
Dope lyrics is the only thing I sling now
I get the job done, I put the kane down
Its no Biggie, huh, I’m jus the king now!

[Chorus: Sample of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock] (Crowd Chanting)
I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now
I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now
I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now (SNOOP! DOGG!)
I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now (SNOOP! DOGG! SNOOP! DOGG!)
(HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!) I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now
(HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!) I wanna rock right now, rock-rock-right now

[Snoop Dogg]
I was a fiend before I became a teen
I melted cabbage sacks instead of cones of ice cream
Crimorian team, thats how the West was originated
fitted like pieces of puzzle, cut up like (?)
I drop the sack and try to wrap yes a’ll
they try to bang em and say I’m too smart
cool because I don’t get upset
I call the King of East
catch a flight then I jet right back to the West
where my n-ggas is at
scoop the (?) put it back on the map
like this like that while you roll in the back
lonely gat, haha, a hole in your back
I like the Whopper f-ck the Big Mac
run up on the Dog my gat go click clack
and thats fo sho the reason why
Man I don’t know so lets go cuzzz,


[Snoop Dogg]
Boss Dogg chillin, lookin like a million
Yeah, nigga got it, I’ma leave it to my chil’ren
Tonight I’m on some other shit, and baby lovin it
Hella fast, grip dey ass like the oven mitt
I’m gooned up, boy! Rich as f-ck, boy!
Black and gold brakes, that’s my truck, boy
I’m on my Eastside, sh-t I’m workin
I got the party goin, and it’s jerkin
My n-ggas all long, we rollin out deck
Hoes gettin in, you betta pick a b-tch
‘Cause when I shut it down, the party’s over wit
She call me Superman, I’m on my Soulja shit (Yooooou!)
Boss Dogg, get ‘em, I sick ‘em and take ‘em home
West Coast b-tch, I’m on my f-ckin throne
I’m giggin on these hoes, do ‘em like dominoes
And slam ‘em on they back, and tell ‘em vamanos


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Категория: J | Добавлено: 05.12.2010
Просмотров: 2500 | Теги: Snoop Dogg, Jay-z | Рейтинг: 1.0/1

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