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Текст песни Busta Rhymes ft Chris Brown - Why Stop Now

Turn my fucking beat up, fucking beat up, fucking beat up
Turn my fucking beat up, fucking beat up, fucking beat up
Turn my fucking beat up, fucking beat up, fucking beat up
Turn my fucking beat up, fucking beat up, fucking beat up

Uh, yeah! We can do anything,
Walk everywhere and buy anything!
I’ll be chilling, I don’t worry about anything
Why stop now? I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Yeah! I can have everything!
Why stop now? I can have everything!

Every single time I get up in a room
And I touch it, and I get it pop it, you can never stop it
And I load a gun…
I know how a nigger does it when a black in every hood
And never shooting and …
Make a nigger wanna bring it back, and then they’re robbing..
I got a nigger running for the…
And I’ll be dumbing…. I’ll be dumbing!
Oh, shit….
Let me give.. with the flow,
Let me show you niggers how you really mess it up
Yep, I’m a slow it…
I think you better flip it up!
Chilling! Switch it up and bitches
Probably never wanna see your.. in your hands
Make it give it up..
For the money all around I till hit the ground,
I make a Shawty wait for you, bring it up!
You know that she was kinda…
For I had to step up all upon .. I wanna live it up!
..and see that when…
..I can do anything and I want niggers already be …


All right, I’mma let you niggers come down for me
And get your shit to go!
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Is what you gotta do!
Clap, clap, clap, clap
Let’s go!

Ok, come around, see me put it down just a little bit
Bowl and I’m heavy… I already know…
Somebody get the crown in the niggers face
Hurry! Make sure you …..
..you’re ready, and you ain’t even gotta ask
When you already know another bang is what you gonna get!
Yeah! But the ..like magic
When the niggers been pressed out
And you’re really with me, and you’re ready, let’s go!
Rhyme with a nigger like we’re on a metro
…feel anyone, anywhere, anything from the….
And I beat the most everything
And you should have knew that form the .. get go!


Just watch ‘em close, see how they…
Now we’re blacking in this bitch, until the police and get us!
Watch so you could see!
Who fucking with us?
I could shit in front, I wanna beat and kill a couple niggers!
Oh, oh!
Everybody know what the fuck it is
And then I think I’mma beat them in the heads
Niggers … till I split a couple of wigs
And you know that when I got him,
And I hit him from the bottom,
You don’t want a nigger, though!
And I’ll be doing anything that I want
No matter where we’re at, I’mma let it go!


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Категория: B | Добавлено: 04.02.2012
Просмотров: 2037 | Теги: Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown | Рейтинг: 0.0/0

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