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Текст песни Timbaland - Round Da Way Tim

Hello America
Timb O is back

Is Timb O Timb O Timmy T
I’m living my .. directly the vibe beach
Living at light speed, do you know just like me
The .. who own a private army, boss as I mean like me
.. in paroling don’t fly
Ain’t nothing lasting in a gold screen
Because I’m gonna think about me
Niggers gonna doubt me
Because the Timbaland brand holds a lot of ..
Come on girl just play housey
Get these girls get trousy
With the feeling come on get me some ..
I know that’s really not me
But a nigger really want it

I go a lot of nasty shit with all the horny
Come on on me shake that shit for me
Imagine you ride on like a horsey
OOO let’s change up the story
I am too rich for you niggers to ignore me
I don’t do it for glory
But a nigger loves Porches
A nigger will never sell his soul to ..
I am in the divorces
That’s how I split up the moistest
It made me so strong and it forced me
To watch my haters closely
If you know something about me nigger than show me
You are talking to the O me ain’t that right ..
Haters to .. I’ve been ..

Let me take you bump sticker
Around the way
The coolest nigger and I got to say
His name is Timb O
So down the Earth he can be your ..

Black car, I got three
He just recently .. me that new white piece
The one without no ..that’s a life dream
I got 2 million 35.. I got the same thing
To me that’s a bling bling
Because me and you .. in the army
I’m gonna hold army I like it when it’s ..
I like the low down get up it makes me hard G
I pay for a lot of horsery got that Charles ..
I play my women .. but not me
Vacation in the R I somewhere near Greece
Where the villas are in the middle of the ocean
Where we don’t wear no .. me and you boldy
I got a lot of .. in Beijing you niggers pay scene
What I want phase three
I sold a hundred twenty million now change me


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Категория: T | Добавлено: 14.02.2011
Просмотров: 1132 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0

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