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That feeling that doesn't go away just did And I walked a thousand miles to prove it And I'm caught in the crossfire of my own thoughts The color of my blood is all I see on the rocks As you sail from me Alarms will ring for eternity The waves will break every chain on me My bones will bleach My flesh will flee So help my lifeless frame to breathe And God knows I'm not dying but I breathe now And God knows it's the only ...

...DISC 1: Entry 1 [The 'Frame] 01. The Day That The World Breaks Down (12:31) 02. Sea Of Machines (5:09) 03.

Freeze Frame 10. Infinity x Infinity 11. My Tomorrow 12. Hold On 13. Replace You 14. Cause I Need You (Japan Bonus ...

...artist again jumps into the frame with their friends Kendrik Lamar, Slaughterhouse, Kid Rock, as well as a producer of the track Rick Rubin.

Liquid Frame Anonymous 08:24 31. Psypheric Wormhole 08:51 32. Sine Eye Electronic Setup 07:52 33.

...all I got is a frame and glass, Is it selfishness? Shoulda made room for the both of us. Loneliness, I'm not lost but I'...

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